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Through our services, you can now import unlimited varieties of unique wholesale merchandise from suppliers all over China.

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We also provide complete door-to-door service, making delivery of your goods easy and hassle free. Our business makes the importing of products from China easy for its customers.

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In the past, the purchase of Chinese made goods was restricted to high volume buyers who personally flew overseas to attend trade shows. This restricted international buyers to doing business only with factories interested in filling big orders.

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Now, acting as a „Orient Trading Ltd.“ outsourced service provider, we offer you the chance to purchase a wide variety of competitively priced, high quality Chinese manufactured goods in lower quantities, instead of having to buy thousands of units of just one item.

Purchase by the case, pallet, truckload, or even an entire container, and we guarantee your shipment will arrive right to your door on time and in perfect condition.

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Engage our services today, and let us handle the rest for true one stop importing.